Our Story - Baleesh

Our Story: How Baleesh Came to Life

Welcome to Baleesh!

Baleesh is a part of an individual’s lifestyle for those who want the space around them to look beautiful. Baleesh means a soft pillow or sirhana, symbolizing comfort. As the name suggests, we create soft furnishings (Cushion Covers, Bedspreads, Dohar, Table Covers), and we are delighted to add aesthetics to comfort. As founders, we were always curious about the diverse art forms across India, so in 2021, we launched our baby brand, Baleesh.

It's an innovative design house that focuses on creating soft furnishings with an amalgamation of traditional artworks with a touch of modernity. We focus on details that can enlighten every corner of your home. Like Baleesh, a simple word, and this is the basis of our brand’s inspiration. Whether it's Cushion Covers or any other product, each one is a reminder of a craft tradition from a part of India. Every time you bring a product home, you experience novelty!

Baleesh is the maker of feasible, humble designs, putting to use our very own traditional fabrics, embroideries, and paintings. We are grateful to artisans who beautifully exhibit their ancestral embroideries and weaves on our products. Every design has a story to tell about those hands with threads and needles who spend hours concentrating on the minute details. We aspire to keep alive this legacy of artistry through our products!

What’s Different at Our Store?

Baleesh is special because it does not stay behind a closet; it creates your haven! We all know home is not just a shelter but a cozy, secured feeling. Your grandma embroidered those little parrots on your pillow, and you felt asleep gazing at them; whenever a new baby arrived, a hand-stitched bedcover used to be ready beforehand.

YES! We all miss that home, that warmth, the crocheted cushion covers on our sofa. That’s the kind of warmth we try to infuse into all our products, and this is how we become a part of your family. We change apartments, cities, countries, but what does not change is the feeling of going back home and unwinding.

Our products might give a lively change to your favorite me-time corner, or the swing hanging in your balcony might need a boho cushion cover, the block-printed bedsheets and Dohar we offer might just elevate your bedroom; your office couch looked so ordinary before you threw those cushions to sip your black coffee comfortably. You might spend an entire weekend in your own space just because it looks so pleasant without any major changes in furniture, and that’s the beauty of soft furnishings. Every product by Baleesh you bring home will look like it was designed just for your home because of that personal touch.

Meet the Founders Behind Baleesh


Hello and welcome to Tanya’s corner at Baleesh! As the co-founder behind this venture, I'm thrilled to have you here. With a deep-rooted passion for exploring Indian arts and crafts, we founded Baleesh. I graduated as a Computer Engineer and found my calling in cybersecurity. Although I have always been an admirer of beautiful Indian embroideries and art forms, this passion really intensified during Covid-19 when staying at home became the norm. Home, or a corner in the home, was everyone’s comfort and safe place.

I realized how having a clean and decorated home had a huge impact on mental health and mood. I began exploring my artistic side and delved into the diverse paintings, embroideries, and heritage of Indian handicrafts. I struggled to find good quality furnishing decor pieces that were beautiful, unique, fun, and affordable. With this vision in mind, I contacted my high school bestie, and together we embarked on this beautiful journey called Baleesh. Here, we believe in providing quality products that symbolize comfort, and every product or service reflects our commitment to it. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!


Greetings to all!

I am your very own Medha, exactly one of you. I work from home, and there are days when I spend all 24 hours at home. I graduated from NIFT, Chennai in 2012, and worked for MNCs, did government projects, traveled to clusters in villages, and also styled celebrities. While working on government projects, I realized the beauty of handloom and handicraft, and while styling celebs, I realized the power of styling. As I was working from home, a pleasant surrounding was much needed. So, in 2020, my schoolmate and partner in pranks got this idea of decorating home with only soft furnishings.

We realized how a mundane-looking living area transforms with just a pair of cushion covers and curtains, and obviously changing furniture often is not that easy and affordable. So here we are, ready to share our creativity with our lovely clients.