Zardozi - The Treasure of Embroidery

Gold and silver! heavenly metals on earth, from time immemorial have been used by the mankind for embellishment, luxury, wealth and supremacy. Zar meant gold and dozi embroidery in Persian and so became zardozi the embroidery of pure gold and silver. Zardozi an enchanting artistry of fancy and elaborate designs and skilful hands of zardoz (local terminology for zardozi artisans) further embellished with precious and semi precious stones, drew inspiration from nature, flower, birds and animals.

Zardozi - The Treasure of Embroidery

Its earliest mentions are in Vedic literature later Mughals adorned zardozi and popularised it. It was used for royal emblems, accessories and tapestries for the royalties. 

Originally the process is known as kalabatun, silk wrapped in pure gold and silver wire. Now the threads used in zardozi is an alloy of gold and silver. This delicate alloy wire is made by melting ingots that are pressed through perforated steel sheets. They are further flattened by hammering and then converted into wires a springy quality of thread created is dabka.

The process starts with tracing and the setting of frame, the fabric is stretched tightly on the frame. A crotchet like needle is fixed to a wooden stick called ari ,it actually speeds up the work for the artisan and then the process of embroidery starts.

Zardozi ,a treasure of ancient art and magic of nimble fingers on textiles, garments and is a top notch choice of leading designers globally. Baleesh has found a way to bring this regal embroidery to your home in the most convenient  and trouble- free way on its cushion covers. Our artisans have diligently created the magic zardozi once again for you on your cushion covers.